The 2022 Guide to Domestic House Cleaning Costs

Cleaning can be a therapeutic task for those homeowners who have the time and energy – look at Mrs Hinch for example! However, for those with demanding jobs, large families, or medical conditions, cleaning can be an exhausting and time-consuming chore. If you want to have a clean and tidy […]

Is It Worth Getting A Domestic Cleaner?

Hiring a domestic cleaner or a maid service near me might seem like a luxury for many of us. But as the old saying goes, time is money, and the time you currently spend cleaning your own home might be better put to use doing something else (more enjoyable at […]

What Can You Expect A House Cleaner To Do In Two Hours?

If you’re looking to hire cleaners in Birmingham, you may be wondering what exactly they will be able to achieve in your home in two hours. After all, if you think about it, two hours isn’t really a long time. But, it can be transformative to your home if it […]

Guide To Starting Your Own Cleaning Business In 2022

Becoming a house cleaner in 2022 is a great way to tap into a growing market, with recent research showing that one in ten households in the UK employ a domestic cleaner – and this number is constantly on the rise.  As we continue to navigate the ups and downs […]

Become a Cleaner

If you love keeping your house gleaming and immaculate and want to work independently, then you should consider becoming a cleaner. When you sign up as a cleaner through Maid App you will be able to see cleaning jobs in your area and get in touch with potential customers, to […]

Top Ten Benefits Associated With Having A Clean Home

Do you ever walk into your home after a busy day and feel even more stressed than you did already? The clutter, the uncleanliness and the list of tasks to undertake can affect your mood and bring you down even more. This is where cleaners UK come in. You may […]

Deep Cleaning Vs Regular Cleaning: What’s the difference?

You want your house to be as clean as it can be, yes? And you are wondering whether to opt for a deep clean from cleaning services London. Before you decide whether you do or not, you really need to know the differences between a regular clean by cleaners London […]

How To Maintain A Clean Home In 2022

Here at Maid App, we know that most people live busy lives, and so the through of cleaning your house after a busy day at work can send shivers up your spine! While it is never a bad idea to do a deep clean of your home, it is not […]

What Are The Differences Between Domestic Cleaning And End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

It’s that time of year when people are moving house, and coming to the end of their tenancy agreements. If you have been renting and are moving, then you may be worried about getting your security deposit back. If you want to get it back in full, then it’s best […]

Forget Spring Cleaning – Winter Cleaning Is Where It’s At

The most well-known cleaning event of the year has to be the Spring Clean. While there is nothing better than giving your whole house a refresh, cleaning services in Truro will tell you that there is no need to wait for the spring to get your clean on. In fact, […]

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