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    By cherryboolou

    'Found this to be the best and easy to use cleaning app definitely beats it competitors. I found really easy to navigate and super easy to complete the application all in all a definitely a 100% rating easy to use, understand and work.'

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    By sammy xx

    ' Really easy to fill in , helps you step by step , will see if I get a job ?? '

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    'Great App. Really easy to set up and really straight forward. Cannot wait to start this journey. Good job with the app. Brilliant idea.'

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    By Jane from Bedford, UK

    'I love this app, found the perfect cleaner! Thanks'

  • 'Your app is really well designed, ....
    By Christine from Macclesfield, UK

    'Your app is really well designed, love the way I can just click the app icon in my phone and speak to my cleaner!'

  • 'You have revolutionised the way I manage my cleaning, ....
    By Sigrid, London UK

    'You have revolutionised the way I manage my cleaning clients! I can communicate with them all via the app without having to use SMS and Whatsapp, love it, keep up the good work!'

  • 'Great app, found myself a maid that can not ....
    By John from Kent, UK

    'Great app, found myself a maid that can not only clean for me but can do washing and ironing, take and collect dry cleaning even walk my dog! Brilliant!'

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